"The Young Living Products have helped my family dramatically. From the pain cream for my back ache to the stress relieving oils we put in the diffuser."

Alison Schannep Belliveau 


"My husband suffers from lower back pain (bulging discs) as well as shoulder pain (torn ligament).  Instead of the smelly pain creams, I use the recipe Alison passed on to me for her sciatic nerve pain which helps his pain and smells so much better.  I also like to use it for my hands, wrists, and elbows for aches as needed.  Being 100% natural, I feel better about using Y.L. Oils rather than adding more artificial things into our day!"

Lea Yorsky


"In the beginning, I really only used my oils in the diffuser. One of the first oils I diffused was R.C, to elleviate my sinus congestion and it worked. Then I read about the benefits oils have on pets and made 'vitamins' for my 5 month old pups to help with their bad breath and fishy smell. For one pup it was a huge improvement; the other is not as fishy smelling but still has the bad breath (he is teething). I now give my pups one 'vitamin' every night. I have also used Stress Away on my husband, and he said it helped. Now I want to try more recipes to help with other ailments."

Karen Denney

"I really like using YL oils in my diffuser.  Its great when we have guests over or need to change the energy in the house.

I use oils all the time for everything from cleaning to skin care, they have been great!"

Michaela Schannep

"I am not one to believe in every product that is out there. I like to research and see the pros and cons.  All I found was pros for Essential Oils. Then, I started watching how Essential Oils was working for Alison so I had to try them. They are wonderful. We have used them for pain, colds, and sleep. Every time, they have worked. I am a believer!"

Cindy Rackel