The Young Living Opportunity

How to Start Selling Essential Oils


     Maybe your goal is to just get free products every month, maybe your goal is to earn extra money for your family, or maybe your goal is to be your own boss and build a growing business with unlimited potential. Whichever your goal is, lets talk about how you get started earning with Young Living.


     The first step to earning full commission is signing up for Essential Rewards with a monthly spending of 100PV (Personal Volume). For most products, PV is the dollar amount of the product.  Keep in mind, your monthly purchases can be considered a business expense on your taxes.


     Did you know, every 100PV Premium Starter Kit (PSK) you sell earns you $50? There are a couple starter kits to choose from, but in my opinion the Premium Starter Kit with the dewdrop diffuser is the best bang for your buck.


     For the first three months of your newly enrolled members you earn 25% of all of their PV purchases. After that, your earnings are at 8%. If these members sign anyone up under them, you earn 5% of their PV points. If you want more details about the full compensation plan or earning ranks with Young Living please contact me.


     Don’t worry if your not the salesperson type, when people hear about your personal experience using Young Living products they tend to sell themselves. Believe it or not, most of the products people buy were recommended by someone they know.


     If you have any questions or want to know more please contact me. You can send me a message or get my phone number by clicking the "contact us" link below.



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